The Tree House of The Cat

There was a cute cat. it lived in a tree house. A smaller cat said, ” I can do my test, you can, I can, you cannot because I’m in bed.” he went to bed in his home. the cat got up, then the bed is SOFT. he LAY at his bed. nah, he thought. he went outside to play. the birds are cute, and the fish are at his feet. it was a very nice place. It had juice, a party, a palm tree, and many houses. He played in the sand and made a sand shape with his friends. ” I like this place!” he said. ” we like it too,” said his friends. ” I love it! it is so nice!” the cat collected the leaves that he get from the sand. he liked it so much, that he went into the water, the fishes at his feet when he is getting juice! ” let’s make a sand castle!” his friends said. he collected the leaves for the front, and shiny beach things. he made it in front of the sea, near his home. he went back to bed and his cats were telling a bed story. the end

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