Catty in Birdland

Catty, a cat, visited Birdland, a land full of birds. She kneeled at the sand, soft and gold. She saw some lampposts, some houses, and sweet-smelling bird food. She saw a table with birds that party there.

She raced, maked also a big yellow puff of sand. She hid between a tuft of grass, at a big cliff, that is grassy. She saw birds race at the racing center, making a big yellow puff of sand. ” oh, it is just like the big yellow powder-puff of sand I made, racing.” the cat said. She made the grassy big cliff her bed.

She made a bed out of grass and a blanket out of leaves. she was tire and lay down, soon tire and looks like laying at a feather matress. She saw a little city. She peeked trought the house the house and saw a little clock, and she saw three little birds. they saw her.

so she went back to her grassy cliff. She saw the birds race and make the gold, yellow, big, powder puffs. She again looked and peered. A little later, she ate. She saw sweet smelling hay for a pillow and blanket. Colarcatty, her friend to love her place. “oh, im tire, go to bed.” catty said. ”oh Catty, im tire too, we love our beds, we share?” she said. They got their beds.

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