The Little Fishes And Friends

little fish friends

Have you ever heard of a fish and friends?

There are friends in this little home. 2 bettas, 2 tetras, 1 rainbow fish, and more fish. bubbles have a green shiny scale. he says every LuNCH when I look at them” I will have green scales all shiny! ” ‘he’s always saying ‘i will have green scales all shiny!’. that isn’t my favorite.” said the danios and butters. ” look at him. he’s too sus.” ” sus?” he said. ” let us go after him,” they all said. ” we loved him, no that’s before.” ” BEFORE?” he said.

then we all made lunch. I’m not VERY sure that THEY are selling scales. MAY they sell more for visitors tho I’m not seeing them sell but in my bed, they could wait for me? they are cute. ” cute, so it is!” I said.

the danios, tetras, guppies, gourami, molly, and the swordtails got new friends: the rainbow fish and blue goramies.

” those Cat And Friendlies Books are VERY, VERY cute.”

” hi! gourami. Hi, rainbowfish.” they all said.

” We have NEVER seen you all.” all three fishes said.

” hi, FRIENDs! we have never seen this place!”

” our place is nice. we are brought at sept. 2, 2022.” they all said.

a little fry was made by 2 swordtails. that is how fishes make friends.

the end

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