The Cat and Friends

A cat has 2 fishes. then a sick white mice was with her under the mango tree. ” I hate ur item so ugly,” said the cat. then the cat cuddled it and took care of it. ”oh, what ugly,” said the cat.

” I want the mango milk!” said the white mice. ” it’s bedtime! all 3 mice,” said the cat. ” let’s read tales!” ” tales?” said the mice. ” wow!” they all said. every day, they play. ” mango milk is so yummy,” they all said. ” ur a mom!” ” mom?” said the cat. ” ah! I would find more white mice and feed them mango milk!

I should name u all Tome, Homie, and Cotty!” ” oh! that sounds nice! mango milk tastes like milk! yum!” they all said then tomorrow, they should have 3 more friends.

Now it’s now, tomorrow. 3 new little white mice Toby, Tobey, and Tubs came to the mice and kitty house, the cat’s one. the 2 fishes said ” what?” then they had more friends birds, other cats, and goldies. now the cat moved all 6 mice to the cats and made a home for them near her home.

she looked out of her tree house. her little sea ”perch” she used and used to. mango milk, mango cake, fish food, and more are from the cat. ” oh, it is a nice time.” mango cakes are made. she had milk. she liked it. then, she went to the stores in her city. she played in the cat playground with friends. the end. see you on the next part, part 2

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