My Ice Cream For The Cats Who Were Tired Of The Heat

My Ice Cream For The Cats

Want to make ice cream for ur cats who were tired of the heat? This story is for u.

first, I put a jar of milk. Add the berry/fruit as an ingredient.

second, I put the berry/fruit in the blender. add sugar to make it yummy.

third, I poured the yummy berry or fruit milk into the cup.

fourth, I poured the milk into the shaper. I put it into the cooler. it was cold in the cooler.

fifth, I took out the shaper out of the cooler. I took out the balls.

sixth, I made a little cardboard shop selling fish Milk.

seventh, I put it in a cute Milky and Buttery cat logo style.

eighth, I put it into the cat Milky’s cardboard Vendor.

ninth, I added Japanese style to the cardboard Vendor that the cat Milky and Buttery is there.

tenth, I put them all inside. My cats including Lovely, my white cat!

eleventh, I added a Cute Kitten Picture to the Cardboard Vendor with all two cats!

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