Top 7 Fishes You Can Keep

here are top ten fishes you can keep. some are small, and some are big.

1. betta

bettas are in thai.

1. g. rufa

these fishes add a grey to your aquarium. they are grey.

3. bala fish

these fishes add white and black to a aquarium. they are big, so you need to give them a big aquaria.

4. corie

cories are small fishes on the bottom. they are small.

5. pleco [cucumbery]

not to say about cecumbery. plecos eat them. plecos are also fishes on the bottom. some are small fishes on the bottom.

6. molly [all varitey]

they are peaceable with other molly and other peaceable small fishes.

7. siamese flying fishes [thai]

they are peaceable and are from thai.






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